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Thursday, October 21, 2004

'Drilling for fear, makes the job simple.' – Bushleaguer, Pearl Jam

We heard a lot about fear this week. For the Kerry campaign, bringing to light the scare tactics used by the Bush camp is nothing new, but this week, the Bushies fought back. Yes, the official party of bogeyman everywhere attempted to turn the tables on John Kerry. In an interview with the AP, Bush said his challenger was using "shameless scare tactics" when Kerry hinted at the possibility of a draft and cuts in Social Security. In nearly the same breath, Bush then said: "We've got to be mindful that one of the tactics of the enemy has been to attack during an election." That same day, Chief Bogeyman Dick Cheney's comments inspired this headline: "Veep: Dems Could Get You Nuked." Who's scaring who??

A recent CNN/Time poll revealed that 59 percent of Americans believe the Biblical prophecies of the end of the world will come true, and of that, an astonishing 17 percent believe the world will end within their lifetime. Ten years ago, that number was 1 percent. Do you really think people are having apocalyptic visions because of John Kerry's policies on Social Security? Or do you think maybe it's a trickle-down effect of George Bush's own good-vs.-evil, bible-thumping rhetoric? As Emil Guillermo asked recently, "Which is more terrifying to you -- Bush and his Christian jihad, or John Kerry, the former altar boy who knows there's a difference between running for pope and campaigning for president?"

Don't let the bogeymen scare you. Vote with your head, not your paranoia.

'It's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fine. – REM'

Speaking of scary, check out the Bush campaign's latest ad:
If you vote for Kerry, WOLVES will eat your children!

The Wolves Howl Back:
"George W. Bush incorrectly labelled my wolfpack as a terrorist threat. We are NOT terrorists."

Wolfpacks For Truth support John Kerry.

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