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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

During last week's debate, the president made sure we not "forget Poland" when speaking of his grand coalition of the willing. Well, Poland seems to be 'off message'. Yesterday, Poland announced that it was planning the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, poking yet another hole in the entire notion of a coalition. Australia's evacuation wheels may start spinning within the week. This after the withdrawal of troops from Spain, the Phillipines, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. And now, even the Brits seem to be wavering. Grand coalition indeed... more like sputtering dissolution.

What a mess these guys have made. John Kerry may not have an easy time bringing our allies back to the fight, but he can't bring a worse reputation to the table than George W. Bush. It's no secret: The world hates Bush.

But hey, don't forget Poland. Get the t-shirt!

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