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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The 2004 presidential election has been dubbed the most important of our generation. With so many crucial issues at stake - terrorism, the war in Iraq, the mounting deficit, health care, jobs - perhaps one has been overlooked: the candidate's knowledge of sports. In this category, John Kerry has failed miserably. At a campaign stop in Milwaukee last month, Kerry referred to famed Lambeau field, where the beloved Packers play, as "Lambert Field." This goof may prove to be Kerry's Wisconsin death knell. Packer football is the religion in that state, and now the newest 527, Football Fans for Truth, is planning to exploit Kerry's gaffe to hilt in the swing state.

And Kerry's fumbles aren't limited only to the professional pigskin crowd, they reach into the collegiate ranks as well. Earlier in the campaign, Kerry praised the Ohio St. Buckeyes football squad... during a stop in rival Michigan. On baseball, Kerry claims his favorite all-time Red Sox player is Eddie Yost. Problem is, Yost never played for the Red Sox. He says his favorite current player on the Red Sox is Manny Ortez, a player who doesn't exist anywhere in the league. Manny Ramirez? Yes. David Ortiz? Yes. But Manny Ortez? Nowhere in my Baseball Encyclopedia. Stick to health care John, please.

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