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Thursday, September 02, 2004

When President Bush takes the stage tonight to accept his party's nomination he will pin his hopes for reelection on your fears. As the speakers who've come before him have done, he will vividly describe the dangers of the world around us, he will invoke the horrific memory of 9/11 and he will tell you that he is the nation's only hope to keep it from ever happening again.

Aside from a cursory mention, you won't hear much about the economic recovery we're still waiting for. You won't hear much about the underfunded No Child Left Behind Act. You won't hear much about the jobs lost, or the environment that has been ignored. You certainly won't hear the name Osama uttered, unless they plan to surprise us all by carting him out in a cage. And you definitely won't hear about the 1,000 lives that have been lost in a poorly-planned and unnecessary war with no end in sight.

What you will hear about is terror and the dangerous world we live in. You'll hear about strength and resolve. And you'll hear about how much safer we all are thanks to George W. Bush. This is all they've got going for them. They simply want to continue scaring you into believing that if you don't vote for George W. Bush, terrorists will be knocking on your door tomorrow. Their answer to his scary world? Talk tough. Bomb people. Pray.

But when the president says tonight how much safer we all are thanks to him, please keep this in mind, from a report issued today:
Of the roughly 2,929 terrorism-related deaths around the world since the attacks on New York and Washington, the NBC News analysis shows 58 percent of them — 1,709 — have occurred this year. In the past 10 days, in fact, the number of dead has risen by 142 people in places as diverse as Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel. On Tuesday, the number of civilians killed by terrorists totaled 38 — 10 at a subway entrance bombing in Moscow, 16 in a bus bombing in Israel and 12 Nepalese executed in Iraq.
The Bush administration realizes that informed voters aren't good for them, but frightened ones are. They don't want you to think. They don't want you to ask questions. They would appreciate it if you adopted the Britney Spears' philosophy: "I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and should just support that." They don't want you to investigate John Kerry's comment about "voting for the war before he voted against it," they just want you to know that it sounds like a "flip-flop." They don't want you to do the research to understand Kerry's position on Iraq, he just wants you to believe it changes all the time. It doesn't, look it up.

They are counting on the fact that we're not paying attention. Former president Bill Clinton said recently on The Daily Show that "Democrats win when people think." So get all the facts before you vote... the Republicans hate that.

"Drilling for fear, makes the job simple." - Bu$hleaguer, by Pearl Jam

Well well well... America's favorite draft dodger and adulterer is back in the news.

Impeached liar Bill Clinton doesn't like the ads against Billionaire leftist Hanoi John, calling them "false witness".


What an odd thing to say, coming from someone who perjured before a Federal grand jury.

On his last day in office, Clinton cut a deal with the special prosecutor, admitting his perjury in exchange for immunity from prosecution after he left office. That's right, he confessed to one of the articles of impeachment.

Clinton conspired to deprive an American citizen of due process. This wasn't about sex, it was about abuse of power, and trampling on one of the most basic rights Americans possess.

Clinton and Hanoi John share many of the same qualities. Unfortunately all of them are disgraceful. So far for the Democrats...
Weird, I thought America's favorite draft dodger was Dick "5 deferments" Cheney... he had other priorities ya know.

And you know what? I'd rather have a president abuse his power to shag an intern than abuse it to send 150,000 men and women to an unnecessary war. I can't believe Republican attacks on the left are still primarily based on a blow job.
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