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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Well, George W. Bush finally reported to the National Guard today, and this time, he was sober. Yes, in the midst of a firestorm over his service record, Bush spoke today before members of the National Guard in Las Vegas. The appearance was drenched with irony as Bush thanked and praised the group for the many sacrifices they've made in his war. Charley Richardson, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, says: "We can't help notice the irony that a person who managed to avoid going to combat by joining the National Guard is now sending the National Guard into combat in a war based on lies." More than 40% of the fighting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are comprised of National Guard and Reservists.

Of course, W's appearance before the Guard today kept the debate about his questionable service record alive. We're all still talking about those questionable documents and that questionable Dan Rather. Can we PLEASE stop it?? It's sad, it's pathetic, and it's exactly what the Bush camp wants.

The Bush team doesn't want to talk about the furthering downward spiral toward absolute chaos that is Iraq. Instead, we're focusing on typography and font lineage and typewriters. In Congress, instead of debating the loss of nearly a million jobs over the last four years, they're debating Dan Rather's credibility. On the news, instead of talking about the massive budget deficit which could imperil us all, the talking heads are discussing the validity of a 1972 superscript 'th'. I don't mean to get all Mulder here, but I'm beginning to question whether or not it was the Bush team who provided those documents to CBS in the first place. (UPDATE: Apparently, I'm not the only one.)

Seriously, make this nonsense stop. We have real issues to address here, chief among them the disaster that Iraq has become. Bush speaks as though insurgent uprisings throughout Iraq are merely bumps in the road. But the fact is, this administration has failed. Miserably. They failed to plan for what would happen after Baghdad fell, believing their own BS about being greeted with flowers and candy. They proceeded to fight the war on the cheap, despite multiple warnings against it. They shunned allies and spit in the eye of the world, and now the burden is all ours. And they've offered no plan to get us out. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric, these are not mere bumps in the road, this is a failure of the highest degree. And all we're talking about is typewriters.

Stop. Please.

If you still believe the president when he tells you that things in Iraq are going ok, you haven't been reading the news the past few days:
At Least 73 Killed in Iraq Attacks Today
Coordinated Attacks Kill 37 in Baghdad Sunday
More Than 100 Foreign Hostages Taken
Pipelines Blasted, Power Lost
Turkey is Ready to Pull Out
The BBC Looks at the Security Problem in Iraq
And Paul Krugman Dispels the Bush Myth (READ THIS)

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