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Friday, September 24, 2004

This week, the Bush campaign unveiled another ad labeling John Kerry a flip flopper. Looking for a Dukakis-in-the-tank moment, the Bush team chose to use imagery of the senator on a windsurfer. Set to the tune of Johann Strauss' waltz, "By the Beautiful Blue Danube," the ad shows Kerry drifting one way and then the other while asking "In which direction would John Kerry lead?" Sorta clever, mostly dumb. It's kind of an attempt at clever that fails. And of course, totally misleading. The Kerry campaign immediately denounced the ad as "juvenile and tasteless" in the face of a daily mounting death toll in Iraq. True, but what the Kerry camp should've done immediately was release images of Bush on his Segway scooter a few years ago. If only someone could find those... oh, wait, what's this?

Seriously, if the election is going to be a battle over who looks the least like a jackass, Kerry will win in a walk. The hard part would be choosing which image to use... Bush and the turkey? Bush and the binoculars? Bush teaching children to read? Or how about Bush dropping his dog? Or being outsmarted by an umbrella? Take your pick.

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