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Monday, August 30, 2004

Moderates. That's who you're going to hear from this week at Madison Square Garden, the big tent, representative Republican party. You're going to hear from people like John McCain, who only a few months ago was seriously considering joining the Kerry campaign in order to oust the man who smeared him up and down as an unpatriotic wacko only four years ago. Now, McCain is going to fight back his urge to punch the president smack in the face and, instead, support him for re-election. Why this sudden change of heart? Because John McCain has his own self-interest in mind, just like every other politician. McCain wants to be president one day, and so he has decided to put his money on the W horse in hopes of winning the loyalty of the Republican faithful. He believes Bush will win reelection, and his support will set the stage for his own ascendency to the throne after Bush is through.

You're also going to hear from Rudy Giuliani, known to many as America's Mayor after his star turn in the tragedy that was 9/11. Why is Rudy pulling for the president? Is it because he supports the Republican platform that designates gay marriage as an unholy affront to the sanctity of the institution? No, Rudy is a supporter of gay rights. Is it because he supports the Republican stance on a woman's right to choose - or rather, her right not to choose? No, he's explicitly pro-choice and always has been. No, Rudy will be stumping for the president because he sees a cabinet position in his future should W win reelection. And the Republican party will use Rudy, just like it's using the city of New York this week, because the Republican party knows that Rudy has become a folk hero in the American mindset. But Rudy, like John McCain, has become nothing more than a tool for the Republican agenda.

Throughout the next week, the GOP will try to put on a moderate face by parading people like McCain and Giuliani, not to mention that womanizer Arnold Schwarzenegger, a washed up action hero movie star. They will try to paint themselves as tolerant and understanding, but this is a party that thinks that gender and tradition, not love, should be the deciding factor in a marriage. This is a party that believes empty bravado, machismo and tough rhetoric is an acceptable substitute for sensible foreign policy. This is a party that thinks a woman doesn't have the right to govern her own body. This is a party that doesn't care about future generations, running up a massive debt which our children will be forced to pay off and ignoring environmental concerns wholesale. This is a party that actually believes God himself has landed on the shoulder of President Bush. I saw a sign on the street during the march yesterday that actually said, "Support our President. Trust Jesus." This party believes Jesus is in the White House. But Jesus was a liberal if there ever was one.

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