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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A few weeks back Days pondered the declining crime rate in New York City, pleading for the return of the good 'ol days of random acts of violence and a Gotham that outsiders would truly fear once again. In doing so, we asked the rhetorical question, "Son of Sam, Where are you?" Well, we're happy to report that Son of Sam (aka David Berkowitz) now has a blog of his own, allowing the infamous murderer a forum for his rantings of forgiveness without having to leave the cushy walls of his prison cell. It's good to know that we here at Days are in good bloggin' company.

It is also heartening to see that a new generation of criminals is being harvested right here in New York City. As an example, see this story about a pair of kiddie bandits in Harlem last week. Yes, the children are our future.

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