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Friday, April 30, 2004

As we have no official record of yesterday's Bush/Cheney Oval Office bob-and-weave, we must rely instead on the participant's public accounts of the session. The president made a quick statement aferward saying he "enjoyed the experience," and statements from various 9/11 Commmission members indicate that the session was "candid," "marvelous," "friendly and relaxed." By all accounts, the session was helpful. The top headlines immediately following the session proclaimed that Bush "answered every question" as though that were something to be proud of, which, considering his press conference a few weeks back where he hardly answered any questions, is quite an accomplishment I guess. When he was asked yet again why he insisted on testifying jointly with the vice president, Bush defended the decision testily, saying, "Look, if we had something to hide we wouldn't have met with them in the first place." The problem is, they did refuse to meet with the commission in the first place... and the second place, third place and fourth place. See yesterday's posting for more.

That beacon of objectionable journalism, the New York Post, chose to shine the spotlight on the fact that two Democrats on the Commission ducked out of the session prematurely. In this angry editorial titled "National Disgrace", the Post says "Imagine the furor had the White House declined to participate." Again, see below - they did refuse.

Also in today's Post, the "newspaper" toots it's own horn with a big story on growing circulation of Murdoch's rag titled "Real Sales, Real Growth." We'd like to amend this headline to "Real Sales, Real Growth, Fake News."

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